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2004 race results


This yearís race was a success on all levels. We succeeded in raising enough funds for the art/mural project. The mural will be going up this spring at the new City Hall located on Center Street. If you go to the mural link you can also see the walls that will be painted. I will also download photos of the mural onto the website as soon as itís accomplished.

The M.A.S.50 race itself on September 25, 2004 was also a big success! I was told by numerous runners that this was the most scenic and toughest course they have ever run. Some even told me they got off course because of the magnificent views. There also were runners who did get lost due to down flagging. I do apologize for that inconvenience.

The post-race BBQ and awards were also a good time. I hope everyone enjoyed the food and those who got an award are still enjoying their prize. These prizes centered on art. All art was by local artists; thank you to The Tom Till Gallery, Earth Studio, Serena Supplee, and Chelsey Hiemes for these donations! If anyone would like to donate their art, or know of any artist who would, please contact me at or my home 435-259-3053.

I was also asked if this race will go on in 2005. At the time I did not know if I could do it again. I organized the whole event by myself. And when I mean everything I mean everything: permits, sponsors, shirt design, all flagging, etc. So when people asked me I was not sure if I was up to it. But I found some of my volunteers were willing to be a part of this community-oriented race for next year. So the M.A.S.50 will be happening on September 24, 2005. And since Iím getting that extra help, I will also be running it with you. Thanks again, to all who came and ran or volunteered their time to help make the mural/race happen!

Thank you,
Chris Martinez- race director


Race Results

rank name time
1Peter Bakwin9:10:28
2Robert Woerne9:14:00
3Dale Peterson9:15:13
4Charles Corfield9:57:03
5Stephanie Ehret10:37:25
6Eric Truhe10:40:40
7Dennis Poolheco10:43:40
8Justin Snow10:58:29
9John Price11:36:35
10Carl Laniak11:57:27
11Katie Mazzia and Patrick Martin (relay)12:33:16
11John Moore12:33:16
12Roch Horton12:35:32
13Torin Dewey12:40:06
14Jeff Gerke12:52:09
15John and Susan McAward — Susan relay/John s to f12:53:30
16Seth Portner12:53:34
17Micheal Early13:10:11
18Phil Khan13:43:44
19Gary Culver14:20:01
19Joy Turner14:20:01

(All DNFs were due to the physically challenging course and also runners getting lost)

Dustin Nelson, Mathew Clay, Thomas Riley, Drew Sagar, Harry Bruell, Doug Rovira, Larry Teeter, Steph Schwartz, Joseph Scalia, Josh Miller


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