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Pack Creek (6400') to La Sal Pass (10,400')

This segment is approximately nine miles in length and you will climb about 4000 feet. It's a tough grind! It is also one of the least used trails in the La Sal Mountains. The first 4.5 miles you will climb in a seldom used two track that will be rocky at times. The next 3.5 miles climb steeply along Pack Creek on a single track and can be hard to find at times. You will cross several scree slopes. You will cross Pack Creek once (dry crossing) and continue into a large basin and cross a large meadow to gain the ridgeline on your left. Pay attention to the course markings. You will cross over the ridge and down into the next basin and turn right onto the Pack Creek-La Sal Pass Road and then climb the two miles to Ls Sal Pass.

La Sal Pass (10,400') to Squaw Springs Trail (8760')

This segment is all down hill for roughly 1,600 feet in three miles. You will reverse direction and return the way you came but stay on the Pack Creek-La Sal until you get the right hand turn at the Squaw Springs Trail. It is all on well-defined dirt two-track with a major scree field crossing.

Squaw Springs Trail (8760') to Geyser Pass Road (8880')

This segment basically contours the side of Mt. Tukuhnikivatz for four and a half miles. It is a sweet yet challenging single track. You'll pass through ponderosa, oak, spruce, aspen and alpine meadows. If rainfall has been sufficient several of the drainages you pass in and out of may have flowing water.

Geyser Pass Road (8880') to Oowah Lake (8800')

This two and half mile segment is nice single track through aspen and alpine meadows. You will cross a stream athat maybe flowing if rainfall has been adequate. You will crest Boren Mesa in an open meadow (9280') and continue downhill into the Oowah Lake basin.

Oowah Lake (8800') to Geyser Pass (10,600')

This three and half mile segment is all single track and all climb, 1,800 feet worth. You will pass Clark Lake about 1.5 miles from Oowah Lake and continue through aspen and spruce and up to a newly created trail through Moonlight Meadow to Geyser Pass. Don't forget to look behind you as you cross through the meadows near Geyser Pass. The views are awesome.

Geyser Pass (10,600') to Warner Lake (9280')

This five and half mile segment is tough on the lungs as you pass over Burro Pass (11,000') and then on the legs as you descend into Warner Basin. From Geyser Pass you will run down a dirt two track for about a mile and then hang a left on another two track that will take you up and into Burro Basin. The ascent over Burro Pass is on single track and will gain 720 feet in a mile and a half. Once over Burro Pass you will descend quickly on steep single track into the West Fork of Mill Creek. The last two miles of this segment are gentler and pass through aspen groves and meadows as you near Warner Lake.

Warner Lake (9280') to Miners Basin (9600')

Three miles may not seem too far, but this is a killer segment. You will ascend quickly on a single track from Warner Lake to Miners Pass (10,800'). A 1,500 foot climb in a mile and a half! The trail is in very good condition and easy to follow. From Miners Pass you descend sharply for a half-mile on a single track and then another mile on old dirt mining roads. The descent from Miners Pass to Miners Basin is a drop of 1,200 feet, so watch your knees once again.

Miners Basin (9600') to Junction of La Sal Loop Road and Kokopelli's Trail (8360')

This segment is four and a half miles long. From Miners Basin you will descend on dirt two-track for three miles to the paved La Sal Loop Road. Take a left on the paved Loop Road and run (facing traffic) along it for a mile and a half. Watch for traffic at blind curves.

Junction of La Sal Loop Road and Kokopelli's Trail (8360') to Upper Porcupine Rim Trailhead (6440')

This segment is about six miles in length. All down hill on the two-track Kokopelli's Trail for about three miles to the Sand Flats Road. Take a right on the well maintained dirt Sand Flats Road for three miles to the Upper Porcupine Rim Trailhead.

Upper Porcupine Rim Trailhead (6440') to Slickrock Bike Trailhead (4700')

This segment is roughly eight and half miles in length and downhill. You immediately turn right and leave Sand Flats Road and descend to a junction with the Porcupine Rim Trail and take a left. In a mile you will pass the Lower Porcupine Trailhead above you and on your left. Continue on the dirt two-track road into the Sand Flats Recreation Area. You will come back out unto the Sand Flats Road near Radio Tower Hill, take a right on the Sand Flats Road and travel for another two miles to the Slickrock Bike Trailhead and the finish. The last half-mile is on paved road.

The race has a limit to 14 hours in which the course must be completed.


two-person relay

Leg One (approximately 20 miles)
From the Start (Pack Creek Picnic Area) to Oowah Lake Aid Station (Mile 20)

Leg Two (approximately 30 miles)
From Oowah Lake Aid Station (Mile 20) to Finish (Slick Rock Bike Trailhead, Mile 50)

Relay teams will provide their own transportation to the transition area. On Saturday morning Leg One runners will ride with solo runners from the Slick Rock Trailhead (finish area) and start with the solo runners at 6AM at Pack Creek Ranch. Leg Two runners will drive to Oowah Lake to meet Leg One runners. After the transition, Leg One runners can then continue to crew for Leg Two runners or return to the finish Area. Leg Two runners must check-in with Oowah Lake aid station officials so that the transition with Leg One runners can be witnessed. Relay runners are under the same time limit and cut-off times as solo runners.

Directions to Oowah Lake (transition area)
From Center and Main Sts. in Moab travel south on US 191 7.7 miles to the marked turn to the left (Old Airport Road) for the La Sal Loop Road. In little more than a half mile, the road intersects with Spanish Valley Drive. Follow the sign to the right for the La Sal Loop Road for 13.3 miles to the intersection with the Oowah Lake Road. It is 3.2 miles on the Oowah Lake Road to the trailhead and the lake where there is parking and toilets.


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