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This project will create a modern-looking painted mural honoring the traditional cultures of the American Indian and Chicano youth who who live in Moab. Moab is growing in its population of people who are overshadowed by the dominant anglo culture and general economy of the town. Many of these people work in the lower tiers of Moab's service industry. With all funds going to support the family the youth are often deprived of participating in after school and other activities. They are also cut off from their traditional cultures. The purpose of this mural will be threefold: 1) it would provide Moab with another beautiful work of public art, 2) it will offer viewers cultural education via a pamplhet and mural sign that told the story of symbols used, and 3) it would foster pride among the youth and adults of the culture represented.

This project was initiated by Moab buisiness owner Chris Martinez. As a long-distance, ultra-marathon runner Chris is organizing the first 50-mile mountain/desert marathon for Moab to be held in September 2004. It will attract runners and sponsors from all the world. Of Chicano descent, Chris feels a special need to do something for indigenous people, especially the children, living in Moab. He wished to dedicate to the proceeds of the run to "an art to indigenous children" program. Based on seeing Hucko's previous work with Pueblo, Navajo and local children, Martinez asked Hucko to direct the art project. The Moab Arts and Recreation Center, where Hucko serves as intermittent Art Coach, became the logical and most appropriate sponsor. The site of the mural(s) will be on the outside walls of the buildings that will soon become Moab's new City Hall. The mural will compliment the public are currently in place there (Star Hall, Sun Court, Moon Ampitheater) and will feature native elements relating to the stars, the sun and the moon.

Two of the locations for murals:


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